Map Skills: Grades 6&7

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Activities to develop learners’ map skills aligned to the CAPS Curriculum



Teacher support book showing how to teach and assess the following activities in Map Skills for Grades 6 & 7:


Grade 6

  1. Hemispheres on a globe
  2. From a globe to a flat map
  3. Latitude and longitude – introduction
  4. Latitude and longitude – assessment
  5. Scale – a practical introduction
  6. Maps have different scales / Maps: Latitude and longitude
  7. Scales to measure distance


Grade 7

  1. Street maps and indexes
  2. Land use and vegetation on maps
  3. Project: Draw a map
  4. Distance and scale


Grades 6 & 7

  1. Current events on a map
  2. Check your map skills: Bingo Game



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