Learning about traditional Weaving

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Project book written for learners, with teacher/caregiver facilitation.


“Learning about Traditional Weaving” is a project book for learners of Grade 4. It is the second in the series of three PSP project books for Intermediate Phase learners on Indigenous Knowledge and Science on sale now. This project book focuses on the various ways in which people from different cultures in South Africa have used plant fibres to make beautiful things for their daily lives, including baskets, mats, fibres and housing, as well as for special occasions. This book includes full colour illustrations.

The practical activities give learners an experience and understanding of the traditional knowledge and technology around weaving with plant fibres.

Some of the activities include:

  • How can we make cotton fibres stronger?
  • How to weave a paper mat
  • Can we use fibres to build a bird’s nest?
  • What do we use instead of plant fibres today?


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