Learning about traditional Pottery

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Project book written for learners, with teacher/caregiver facilitation.


“Learning about Traditional Pottery” is a project book for learners of Grade 5. This book offers practical activities using clay, where children can learn about the development of indigenous clay technology in South Africa, as well as the science of how clay is made into beautiful pottery and ceramics. This book includes full colour illustrations. These project books are based on work done with primary school teachers and their learners.

Learner activities in the project book include:

  • What can we do with clay?
  • How does a Zulu woman make a clay pot?
  • Reading: Why is pottery important to the Zulu people?
  • Reading: How a mother and daughter make clay pots
  • Make your own coil pot and pinch pot
  • Does your dry pot absorb water?
  • Where is the water in the clay?
  • How does vitrification take place?
  • Reading: Steps to change raw clay into ceramics
  • Do a word search to find words about ceramics
  • Reading: Famous potters from KwaZulu-Natal
  • Can you find ceramics in your home and community?