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Welcome to the Primary Science Programme

The Primary Science Programme (PSP), is a well-established non-profit organisation recognised for its effective approaches to improving the quality of primary education in South Africa through the training and development of teachers.


Together with training courses to help build teacher content knowledge and skills, the PSP provides in- classroom support, coaching and mentorship to encourage good teaching strategies and promote quality teaching and learning in the critical subjects of Maths, Science & Environment and Language. The PSP also produces quality classroom resources and materials.


Each year the PSP works with over 1,300 teachers from 120 schools in order to benefit 100,000 learners in the Western Cape, Eastern Cape and recently in the Northern Cape.


The PSP believes that good quality primary education forms the basic building blocks for all learners to succeed and pursue further education and employment opportunities, breaking the cycle of poverty.

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22 November 2019

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PSP Newsletter Term 3 / 2019

22 July 2019

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